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Our Alumni Association was Established...

Established in 1992, the Wolmer’s Alumni Association, Toronto (“WAT”) comprises former students of Wolmer’s Boys School (“WBS”), Wolmer’s Girls School (“WGS”) and Wolmer’s Preparatory School (“WPS”), collectively (“the Schools”).  All three (3) schools are governed by the Wolmer’s Trust located in Kingston, Jamaica.

The alumni association was formed to raise funds for Wolmer’s and to promote fellowship among Wolmerians. Today, it has expanded its reach and financial capacity to fund scholarships (in collaboration with the AJAA) and jointly with private donors through its Tertiary Scholarship Program.  The Toronto Chapter is one of four (4) overseas alumni chapters. The others are based in the USA – New York, Atlanta and South Florida.

WAT has existed informally since the 1970s, mainly as the by-product of decades long friendships of Wolmerians, particularly graduates of the 1950s & 60s who migrated to Canada and remained in contact.  “Meetings” were on patios during the summer, and moved indoors to “living rooms“ in the colder months. The annual luncheon emerged as “Ole time Sinting”, a Christmas-time celebration of traditional Jamaican cuisine and entertainment with a Caribbean cultural flavour, e.g. steel pan artistes, all self-funded through donations.

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The mission of Mission Statement:  Leadership in education, fund-raising for the scholastic and personal growth of students in Jamaica and Canada.

The mission of the Toronto association is to:

  • Support the vision and teaching-learning goals of the Schools
  • Foster a lifelong association with Wolmer’s
  • To serve the association’s membership in all its diversity

Through its fundraising initiatives, WAT contributes to the scholastic and personal growth of students and graduates of Wolmer’s and students of Jamaican heritage in Canada. The association is committed to professional and ethical practices in all of its operations and activities.

Since March 2020, 28 weeks ago when the pandemic unfolded, our collective focus has been on what really matters – primarily the health and wellbeing of our families, and secondarily, the wellbeing of the wider alumni community and the schools.
As the effects of the pandemic continued to unravel in April/ May, we abandoned plans for “new” engagement, networking and fundraising events in the Summer – a family event at Wet and Wild, Summer Boat ride, and a few networking events – and as the pandemic reality set in, with heavy hearts, we also cancelled our traditional fundraisers – our annual Walkathon in September and Grand Luncheon in November.

Any individual who attended WGS, WBS or WPS and supports the mission and objectives of the association.

Supports the mission and objectives of the association but does not otherwise qualify as a regular member, e.g. volunteer and is considered a Friend of Wolmer’s.

Nominated by resolution of the Board of Directors, deemed to have given distinguished service and/ or support to the association.

Membership Registration

To be registered, a regular member or associate member should complete a registration form. The association may publicly list the names of its members, however personal details (e.g. address, and contact details) is maintained in strict confidence. Membership dues are expected of all members.