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Since March 2020, 28 weeks ago when the pandemic unfolded, our collective focus has been on what really matters - primarily the health and wellbeing of our families, and secondarily, the wellbeing of the wider alumni community and the schools.

As the effects of the pandemic continued to unravel in April/ May, we abandoned plans for “new” engagement, networking and fundraising events in the Summer - a family event at Wet and Wild, Summer Boat ride, and a few networking events - and as the pandemic reality set in, with heavy hearts, we also cancelled our traditional fundraisers - our annual Walkathon in September and Grand Luncheon in November. 

Our website team remained committed to our plan to launch our first website in 2020, despite managing their own challenges, and we are thankful that they have been able to make this launch possible, as we continue to grow our virtual presence.  In collaboration with the Trust and other alumni groups, we will continue to use our website, Facebook and Instagram to reach and (re)engage the thousands of Wolmerians worldwide, though our focus on reaching the Wolmerians in Canada, from “Sea to Sea”.

We remain optimistic that we will be able to come together again in fellowship in the future, as we fundraise for our beloved alma mater, and until then we slowly work on regaining our traction, with the help of Zoom.  For those committed to continuing their financial support for the schools and our scholarship program, amidst the turmoil of the pandemic we thank you.  To implement this method of support, we have:

  1. Facilitated passive fund-raising and combining engagement by adjusting our walkathon as a virtual event during the month of September.

  2. Some folks have asked, “since there is no luncheon, how can we help?”  We have set up an on-going fund-raising channel where donations can be made. If donors choose to, the gift can be channelled to a specific purpose e.g., a named scholarship, the general scholarship fund, or donation to the schools.  Our planning for this remains fluid, and for now, the channel will remain open throughout 2020 and will provide updates as time goes by.

We do believe it is important to remain optimistic – the glass is always half full - and look forward to the time when we can comfortably come together again to support our students in need.

Thank you to all our former Grand Luncheon corporate sponsors and individuals who remain steadfast in their commitment to our cause, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the years to come.

As time goes by, we will keep you all informed of our plans for the future.

Until then “walk good” - stay safe, stay well.

Age Quod Agis!